Yellow & Flower

imageMixed-media collage on cartridge paper using acrylic paint (in shades yellow, cream and white), masking tape, and book pages/ receipts; I also added a pressed flower and cut-out type for more depth and texture.

This technique is probably my favourite; I love the abstract and rustic look and the textural element that can be built-up through layering. And there’s so much flexibility in terms of the paper used, paints and all other bits and pieces – like pressed flowers.

I find floral elements in such pieces work well because it’s a good way to add a more delicate element to what can often be quite a bold / heavy piece with all the layering. I also like to use thickly layered white paint or thick PVA glue because it’s a particularly useful technique to merge elements together and blend out harsh lines.

Let me know what you think – I’d love to know your views!