I love taking a black and white print and adding a light water-colour wash to accentuate certain areas; it works so well as a technique. The b&w print on pink card, pictured in the photograph above, shows some experimentation I first did and it turned out pretty nice – will be uploading more pieces soon!


The August Break: Day 14



Hope you’re enjoying August so far and I know I’ve been slacking lately and missed a couple of days of the challenge (oops!) but hopefully catch up soon!

Also, if you have a blog with art / fashion & beauty / photography posts then leave me your link below because I’m looking to follow some new blogs. And leave me your feedback and comments too; I love hearing what you think!

Happy blogging x

Yellow & Flower

imageMixed-media collage on cartridge paper using acrylic paint (in shades yellow, cream and white), masking tape, and book pages/ receipts; I also added a pressed flower and cut-out type for more depth and texture.

This technique is probably my favourite; I love the abstract and rustic look and the textural element that can be built-up through layering. And there’s so much flexibility in terms of the paper used, paints and all other bits and pieces – like pressed flowers.

I find floral elements in such pieces work well because it’s a good way to add a more delicate element to what can often be quite a bold / heavy piece with all the layering. I also like to use thickly layered white paint or thick PVA glue because it’s a particularly useful technique to merge elements together and blend out harsh lines.

Let me know what you think – I’d love to know your views!

Fashion Melts by Toufic Araman

How glamorous with all the soft layers and billowing skirts; I love the colour combinations too!


A brilliant idea by the talented artist from Dubai,Toufic Araman  : fashion as ice cream, fashion that melts. It is summer and ice cream melts so why not clothes too.  Fabrics that melt on our bodies.

Oryx Premium  magazine June 2013 issue:
Photography : Toufic Araman @ aramanstudio
Styling:  Kegham Djeghalian,
Hair:  Fadi Jeffy,
Props:  Dany Daneh,
Production: Diana Maatouk @ aramanstudio
Model:  Alina

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