September and beginnings.


I love this time of year when it gets a little colder and rainy, because as much as I love the summer, autumn is my favourite.

I always find autumn to be a time of transition and beginnings in all respects.  And with it being a new academic year and my last year of uni too, there’s so much to look forward to.

Super excited for the month ahead:

1. Road trip: London with my sisters to attend a Food Festival. (Food is my favourite thing and I guess this’ll be the perfect place to indulge). 

2. Starting university again – studying, books and timetables. I think after a lazy long summer I’m in need of some well needed routine.

3. Homemade ginger cake – its perfect on cold evenings (of course with a generous helping of cream)

4. Sweaters and long scarves, wellingtons and rain coats

5. The crunch of fallen leaves on the pavements, under trees – everywhere!

6. Crisp morning air

7. Long boots and bed time socks – the cosiest!

8. Finally getting started on my dissertation; I’ve been contemplating ideas over the summer and after it all I finally have some direction. (Please pray I make it a success, insha’Allah).

9. Spending the evenings after uni watching Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge and eating pizza in bed (I hope they’re back on soon).

10. Hot chocolate and ginger biscuits.

Ah! September shall be lovely. ^-^


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