Capturing Light

The break of dawn.

Capturing Light series by Vazeima Fayyaz – Photo 1 ‘The break of dawn’

Light is the definer: it transforms and shapes the subject of your photo; hence requiring more attention than the choice of subject itself. But more so, light can elevate and intensify what would otherwise be considered as most ordinary and commonplace subject(s).

“Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles […]. The object is nothing, light is everything.” – Leonard Missone

Capturing Light is a small photography project I’ve started to document my experimentation with light and photography but more importantly help me improve my photography skills and learn new techniques. So please follow for more updates and I would love to hear your feedback.

Waiting | 8th July 2013

Waiting |

By Vazeima Fayyaz

Waiting ||

By Vazeima Fayyaz

Experimentation: the loss of colour – the slightest adjustments to colour can sometimes add so much more depth and character to what would otherwise be a standard photo. And in these photographs I used desaturation and adjusted the brightness  to emphasise a calmness in the loss of colour rather than creating a harsh contrast. Hence, I added a slight undertone of cream to maintain a soft mellow haze.

I love blue on a sunny day


I wore a bright blue cotton kurta – a long loose fitting garment; paired with bright-white chinos for a crisp contrast against the vibrant blue of the kurta. I also added a stripe scarf with hints of orange, yellow and red to give the outfit a more relaxed look – simple, comfy and casual.


But my favourite part of this outfit was definitely the shoes: I wore gold-beige flats which are from Pakistan (as is the kurta) and I absolutely love them! with beautiful embroidered detailing in bright colours which I think works well this outfit in echoing the casual feel and bringing the look together, adding that little something special (they’re super comfy too!)

Casual outfits are my favourite!

Yellow & Flower

imageMixed-media collage on cartridge paper using acrylic paint (in shades yellow, cream and white), masking tape, and book pages/ receipts; I also added a pressed flower and cut-out type for more depth and texture.

This technique is probably my favourite; I love the abstract and rustic look and the textural element that can be built-up through layering. And there’s so much flexibility in terms of the paper used, paints and all other bits and pieces – like pressed flowers.

I find floral elements in such pieces work well because it’s a good way to add a more delicate element to what can often be quite a bold / heavy piece with all the layering. I also like to use thickly layered white paint or thick PVA glue because it’s a particularly useful technique to merge elements together and blend out harsh lines.

Let me know what you think – I’d love to know your views!