Fashion Melts by Toufic Araman

How glamorous with all the soft layers and billowing skirts; I love the colour combinations too!


A brilliant idea by the talented artist from Dubai,Toufic Araman  : fashion as ice cream, fashion that melts. It is summer and ice cream melts so why not clothes too.  Fabrics that melt on our bodies.

Oryx Premium  magazine June 2013 issue:
Photography : Toufic Araman @ aramanstudio
Styling:  Kegham Djeghalian,
Hair:  Fadi Jeffy,
Props:  Dany Daneh,
Production: Diana Maatouk @ aramanstudio
Model:  Alina

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Feta & Mint Salad

There’s nothing I love more than a good salad with fresh hearty flavour and texture. And lately I’ve been loving the classic combination of Feta, mint and red onion; tossed with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives it also makes the perfect salad for afternoon lunch (even so on a rainy day)


I added some chickpeas for texture and dressed the salad with a simple lemon and olive oil dressing to complement the flavour of the mint and feta. Also, I used green olives (because that’s what i had) however, i think black olives would be better; they have a more mellow taste which would be perfect, combined with the other ingredients, to balance the flavours.


I just love this salad because it’s simple yet refreshing on the palette (with a little crunch and lots of colour too); I can’t wait to make it again!

What I’m loving: June

Rimmel Apocalipspretty impressed all round!

imageI’ve been looking to update my makeup for the summer and try out some new lip products – so after reading all the positive reviews and recommendations I decided to give the Rimmel lip lacquers a try (i picked mine up in Boots for just under £5).

There are a total of 8 shades in the range – from nude to vibrant red – and I was initially torn between the shades celestial, nova, stellar and apocalyptic. After a few swatches I decided on celestial and apocaliptic because I wanted a colour that i could wear with an everyday look (celestial) and then something more vibrant and bright (apocaliptic) – a little more daring than my usual choice!

Apart from the beautiful colour range the creamy formula is a definitely a winner – I tend to generally prefer lipsticks opposed to the stickiness of gloss but i was impressed with how pigmented and opaque these lip lacquers were, (making them easily comparable to a lipstick) yet they also have the glossy finish you’d get from a lipgloss – minus the sticky texture.

However, I found the only downside was the application – “a little goes a long way” really applies here because the doe-foot applicator transfers a lot of product but I guess this is something you can easily work around with a little care.

Overall, I’d say these lip lacquers are wonderful to wear both for the glossy and gorgeous finish as well as the pigment; they’ll definitely be my favourite over the next few months and I sure will be adding to the collection – possibly the shades stellar and Big Bang.