Word and Verse

With every drop caught in rhythm
and every pain in word,

poetry is to bleed and
pierce the soul

lead a heart
entice in word

and then shatter
but form

– wonderfully, over and once more.

Word of Dream series by Vazeima Fayyaz



it’s like treading on make-believe lines

where everything will mostly fall to disaster

but still you carry on treading-

aware and helplessly consumed, aware and helplessly consumed

Word of Dream series by Vazeima Fayyaz


Beautiful use of colour and overlay

Zoë Lower

After 4 years I have finally picked up a paintbrush again and it feels good! This is a new project i’ve been working on, experimenting with double exposing some of my paintings with photos of flowers, then manipulating them into prints and patterns.

Some exciting prospects for these pieces so far, i’m sure there will be more on the way soon. I hope you like!

164630_498649623517910_1189237145_n902499_498941310155408_1231529397_o893620_498001313582741_105488114_owater flowers 2 kaleidoscope67536_498644130185126_1601382936_npurple and green peacock kaleidoscope886631_497999070249632_248971636_o539107_498643710185168_1165757313_n537864_498644150185124_71973643_n72611_498040353578837_77701082_n

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